Camel Racing Medicine

Universal Vet Suppliers Solutions is the answer to any owner, stable, trainer or breeder who are looking for the edge to compete at the very highest level.

“Providing the world’s most advanced horse and Camel performance products.”

To provide the world’s most effective, potent and scientifically advanced formulations for the elite animal athlete. All around the globe, companies and websites promote products which are either fake (or copies), diluted and simply misleading and don’t work. We guarantee all our products meet the highest standards and provide quality and assurance of the most pure ingredients. All our clients and customers are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality and with our continued direction from our research and development team, it is our mission to constantly work with our clientele sharing our knowledge to manufacture products with the latest breakthrough technology to provide them the winning edge.


Our company already supplies to the most prestigious owners, trainers and breeders around the world. It is our vision to continue to collaborate with universities and leading scientists to remain at the forefront of our industry and continue to be number 1.

camel racing medicine
camel racing medicine


We at Universal Vet Suppliers value our customers, we ensure positive results in delivering customer needs. We have 5 important core values which we practice these are Integrity, Quality, Passion, Confidentiality, Relationships, and Innovative. Our team constantly provide advice in racing and performance programs to ensure best results, to protect and continue a long-term business relationship. We value your business.