STRESNIL 100ML is a neuroleptic belonging to the butyrophenone class, with specific use in pigs. It produces a predictable psychomotor sedation after intramuscular administration, with no signs of narcosis. After administration the animals become quiet and indifferent to the environment. The degree of sedation is dependent on the dose administered. Adult animals need comparatively lower doses compared to growing animals. In small doses (0.5 mg / kg) the animals are slightly sedated, but can be easily managed. At increasing doses the animals become heavier, and slower in movements at 2 mg / kg the animal falls in decubitus and remains immobile / lying about 2 hours, and ceases to be aggressive. The induction period is short. The maximum effect is reached 15 minutes after administration in young animals and 30 minutes in adult animals. The duration of action is 1-3 hours and depends on the dose and weight of the animal. After treatment the animal should be left alone, in a quiet environment. If the animal is disturbed or agitated during the induction period the results obtained may be unsatisfactory.

S) OF ADMINISTRATION Aggressive sows (which do not accept newborn piglets, do not allow them to suck or bite them) 1ml / 20kg. Sows will accept newborn piglets 1 / 2-1 hours after treatment and may even accept piglets from other sows. For the administration, a calm and slow approach of the animal is necessary in order not to scare him. The indicated dose should be strictly observed. If the doses are too small, the aggression is reduced only temporarily. If the doses are too high, the animals will relapse after waking up.


OBSTETRICAL INTERVENTIONS : 1ml / 20kg in case of termination of parturition due to excitation, in case of assisted parturition (manual extraction of piglets), in case of exaggerated contractions, or for correction of vaginal or uterine prolapse.

CARDIACA OVERLOAD  (tachycardia, high pulse) 1ml / 100kg. The animal calms down within minutes of administering the product. The tremors decrease and the respiratory movements decrease in frequency and increase in amplitude. Cyanosis gradually decreases and the pulse slows down. It is very important that treatment is instituted immediately.

TRANSPORTATION OF PICKED PIGS  : 0.4 mg / kg to 2 mg / kg (1 ml / 100 kg to 1 ml / 20 kg). A dose of 0.4 mg / kg, injected 15-30 minutes before transport, reduces mortality and weight loss during transport. The dose can be increased up to 2 mg / kg to prevent fights during transport. The animals must have sufficient space to lie down and the truck must have adequate ventilation. The effect of the product lasts up to 2-3 hours after injection.


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