About Us

Bodaxvet is the industry leader in equine and camel health and performance products. Bodaxvet manufactures and distributes the highest quality products developed by our team of Animal Sports Scientists and Veterinarians with over 40 years of experience combined in our fields of expertise.

The latest scientific discoveries, and technology, and using the most pure and potent certified ingredients combined with a passionate and experienced team of experts allow Bodaxvet to develop a portfolio of world-class, superior, and unique formulations.

Knowledge and insight in the field of horse and camel racing is derived from racing at the elite level in North America as well as liaising with the top trainers and veterinarians around the world on a daily basis.

Most of the products that are offered on the market today do not contain quality or strength and are ineffective. Most of the products produced for the equine world are copies, full of fillers and poor-quality ingredients and the people behind the websites are not contactable.

Bodaxvet products have been scientifically researched and developed over many years by our team of industry experts, universities, and laboratories around the world. The products are made in the purest form, with ingredients sourced from the best and most reputable pharmaceutical companies.

The products are legal, they do not swab, are easily administered, and are very effective.

With Bodaxvet you can guarantee your horse or camel is getting the absolute best quality products on the market today. There is not a competitor out in the industry today that can compare to what Bodaxvet can offer. Products are customized to target specific problems or needs for camels and racehorses.

Bodaxvet is the answer to any owner, stable, trainer, or breeder who is looking for the edge to compete at the very highest level.